Below is the dress code that members, visitors and guests should abide by:

1. Hats / caps, waterproofs and Golf Shoes – are not to be worn in the clubhouse area (member’s side).
    Mobile phones are permitted in the bar but not allowed to be used at the bar while serving.  

2. Golf shoes and waterproofs are not allowed in the function room.

3. Please ensure that all players in the group are correctly attired otherwise you can ask them to leave the course.

4. Shirts – Collared or roll neck with NO LOGOS on the front or back - MUST be tucked into trousers, shorts or skirts. 

5. Shirts must be worn at all times whilst on the course or on club premises.

6. Trousers – No denim, tracksuit bottoms or combat trousers on the course.

7. Shorts – Proper tailored golf shorts will be accepted. No sports or other type of short is acceptable.

8. Shoes – Proper golf shoes; spike, soft spike or dimples. No other shoe is acceptable on the main course. The par 3 trainers are acceptable.

9. Socks – Plain knee or ankle length socks required when wearing shorts.