Whatever the reason for your visit to Bondhay Golf Club you will find the warmest welcome and exceptional customer service from our catering team.

The clubhouse provides a fabulous place to unwind, socialise and enjoy a delicious range of food and drink whilst overlooking the stunning 18th hole of the championship course.

The bar, restaurant, lounge and patio are open daily to the public and members.



Our opening hours very much depend on daylight hours and weather conditions so please contact the club for more information on 01909 723608

Breakfast Menu

For allergy concerns please speak to the Chef   hospitality full english  

Full English Breakfast £4.75


Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Beans, Tomato, Fried Bread & Hash Brown Mushrooms. Add Black Pudding for 25p 

Vegetarian Breakfast £4.25

2 Vegetarian Sausage, 1 Fried Egg, Beans, Tomatoes, Fried Bread, 2 Hash Brown & Mushrooms, 


 2 Poached Egg on Toast £2.60

Your choice of scrambled, fried or poached eggs on 2 slices of white or seeded brown toast


 Egg Cob £1.50


Bacon or Sausage Cob £2.40


Bacon & Sausage Cob £3.50




Tomato £0.50


Fried Egg 0.70 


Beans £0.70

  hospitality bacon cob  

 Fried or Poached Egg £0.70




Round of Toast, Butter & Jam £1.10


Toasted Tea Cake £1.40

For allergy concerns please speak to the Chef     We are currently running a limited menu please call 01909 723 608 for more information   

The 19th HOLE Menu



  hospitality sandwiches   
Can be served on a white cob /slice bread or brown sliced bread.    

Cheese £2.70


Chicken / Turkey / Ham £3.00


Tuna Mayo £3.00


Ham & Cheese £3.30




carvery Cob £3.00

Add stuffing 30p   Add apple/cranberry/horseraddish sauce 20p      

Chip Cob £2.00

Add cheese 70p    

Chips £1.70


Chip Sharer £2.80

Add cheese 70p    

Bigfoot Sausage & Onions £3.20




Cheese £2.70


Cheese & Tomato £3.00

   hospitality toasted sandwiches  

Ham & Tomato £3.30


Cheese & Ham £3.00




paninis / burgers

CLUB SANDWICH £3.30  (Add cheese for 40p)    
Chicken, bacon & BBQ sauce
Chicken, bacon & Piri – Piri sauce
Chicken, bacon & Sweet Chilli sauce

Tuna Melt £3.00


Mature Cheddar & Ham £3.00


Steak with Onions £3.20


Plain Burger/Chilli Burger £2.30


Add cheese 70p

Battered Chicken Burger £2.60